Hilarie Deverell

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Consulting for women tired of running their small business on their own.
Hilarie Deverell



You don’t like to think of yourself as a businessperson

I do


I am a strategy and finance consultant for small, women-owned businesses.

My work with clients usually involves starting out by figuring out what the business strategy is, coming up with a brand definition, getting some financial analysis done and then putting all three together to make big and small business decisions.

My clients are driven, passionate and creative women – experts in their passion who have little business expertise and are looking to become more confident business leaders.

That’s where I come in.

I offer my clients leadership support, practical and tactical support, and the all-important accountability factor.

I like to get to the bottom of things, I have a lot of patience with financial statements, and I have a knack for motivating my clients to tackle problems that – subconsciously or otherwise – they want nothing to do with.

If this sounds good to you so far, find out all about me.